ROSI Solar

Global leader in the solar panel recycling industry

start up
A series funding
40 employees

With prominent global investors like ITOCHU Japan, ROSI is pioneering a circular economy for the solar photovoltaic industry, creating new sources of high-value materials from waste by-products.

What they say
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Careers CMS
Global content
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Client First Structure
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Prior to our collaboration, ROSI secured a significant Series A funding of 7.4 million euros from prominent investors including the ITOCHU Corporation in Japan, the European Innovation Council, and EIT InnoEnergy.

With ambitious plans for European and international expansion, coupled with heightened media attention, ROSI recognised the necessity for a new website that would reflect their innovation and industry leadership.

Aside from showcasing ROSI's innovative technology and expertise, we were tasked with building a robust platform capable of handling CMS features for careers, projects, and their team, alongside seamless multilingual functionality for 6 languages.

Early in the strategy process, it became evident that our focus would be on three primary targets - partners, employees, and investors. To ensure the final product captivates and engages our target audience effectively, striking a balance between corporate professionalism and creative flair was imperative.

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