Outpost Eco Lodge

Tailored adventures with a private lodge experience


The Outpost Eco Lodge enables their guests to embark on a personalised adventure from their exclusive lodge, where curated experiences are meticulously tailored to suit your preferences.

what they said

"We provided some broad strokes of ideas on what we wanted. Rich was able to translate that into content that exceeded our expectations. I’d gladly work with him again and recommend him to anyone else looking to do so."

Aerial photography
landing page
investor deck
art direction
web design
webflow development
Canon DSLR
DJI Drone
webflow development
Adobe Suite
sem rush
project details

For this project, we spearheaded the initial branding and logo design for the lodge.

Following numerous iterations, my team orchestrated a 2-day photo shoot to stage the property, capturing stunning aerial shots of its beachfront location.

Utilising the new imagery, we crafted a comprehensive investor deck and customised web design, culminating in the development of a live interactive website.

The project's success led to ongoing collaborations with the founders on subsequent endeavours.

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