Crumbs! A cookie that breaks the mould

start up

As a self-initiated project, we set out to demonstrate our creative workflows by crafting a distinctive brand that aligns seamlessly with established plant-based leaders such as Oatly, Impossible Foods, and NotCo.

Our target audience? Gen Zers—dynamic social justice advocates who defy conventional norms with their unique blend of individualism and activism.

What they say
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part 1/5

& Strategy

All projects kick off with a strategy session, it’s one of our most important meetings.

It's all about aligning our expectations, setting project goals, deciding the KPIs, brainstorming content, sitemap, and having a sneaky peek at what the competitors are doing.

We also do fun things like checking out brands and designs you love and start to develop the visual direction for the project.

Street art, bold colours,
strong composition
Existing Campaign
What is the competition doing?
What works & what doesn't?
Grey #262626
Calm, bold and neutral canvas
Yellow #6b42c6
Vibrant, energised and optimistic
Purple #ffe455
Playful, creative and progressive
part 2/5

Visual Identity & Branding

This is where the creative awesomeness begins!

From identifying the core message that your customers care about, to exploring logo design, colours, graphics, and typography for the brand.

This will all be wrapped up in a style guide that can be used for all future branding applications.

For this project, we settled on NoEvil for the brand name as it’s direct, unapologetic, and in a similar vein to Impossible, Beyond Meat, and NotCo. The letter casing also lent itself well to the logo design.

Part 3/5

Brand Mockups

Discovering how the branding will look across different media
Part 4/5

Art & Creative Direction

We believe design should be a collaborative process built around trust. For that reason we work directly with our clients - they're not just a number in a system.

NoEvil has a bold, vibrant colour palette and urban vibe to appeal to the Gen Zer's rebellious streak. The cookies have been staged playfully with engaging animations throughout the page.

The copywriting has been kept relatable and lighthearted… they are cookies after all! Depending on the creative direction we may collaborate with artists and illustrators to create unique visuals for the brand.

part 5/5

Web Design & Development

The web design phase is about establishing how the website will look and feel. Along with finalising the CTA’s, rough copywriting and developing the structure of the content and pages, known as wire framing.

Once the custom web design is approved, we move on to the web development phase. This is where I build out the interactive, secure no-code website that requires zero maintenance, with Webflow where possible.

Depending on what you need, we'll optimize your website for speed, performance, and SEO.

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